• Prune pancakes

    Need a little extra indulgence for breakfast? They try these delicious oatmeal pancakes – they are very filling and they taste divine!

    Makes 4 pancakes 


  • Prune porridge

    As baby adapts to starting solid foods you may notice some perfectly normal digestive changes in your little one. That is why we have…

  • Forest Berry porridge

    This delicious forest fruit and whole grain cereal is bursting with taste and texture to give your little one a happy and nutritious mealtime!



  • Babies Are So Clever!

    One of the most exciting advances in child development has been the discovery that babies actually learn before they are born. Even more amazing…

  • Nectarines with Chia

    A delicious fruit puree made with raw and ripe nectarines mixed with chia seeds.


    3 nectarines

    2 tsp. chia seeds


    Rinse the nectarines and cut them into…